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Here’s what some of our Seattle, WA customers are saying about us:

They did a very good job of repainting some car parts I needed repainted, but it took a very long time. We were discounted though, and the owner is a great guy.

Nick Pickel Google Review

My boyfriend was in an accident with my car while I was out of the country and the front end was badly damaged. I was referred to these guys from The Shop auto mechanics on 15th, a few blocks north of Ballard High School as the only place he knew of that would give me a free estimate of the damages to my car, without getting my insurance involved. They did exactly that. The guy looked all over my car, taking pictures and making notes and then I followed him to the office where he gave me a detailed print out of all the damages, the cost of (new) replacement parts and the accompanying labor costs for each repair. I then was able to present this to the guy that was at fault for the accident (the guy my boyfriend t-boned, though my boyfriend had the right-of-way) along with the KBB estimate of my car's value before the accident, and I was able to get compensation for the value of my car (due to the fact that to repair the damages would cost double what my car was worth, the guy at Fleury's advised me to just ask for the value of my car, since that's what my insurance company would give me and just label the car totaled, if I made a claim with them). Awesome customer service!

kelly martin Google Review

Mike the owner has been repairing my whole family of 6 cars for years. He must have repaired at least 10. Unfortuneatly my family is accident prone. (Not always our fault) The work the shop does is exceptional, your car will look brand new when you get it back.

Shering Reeves Google Review

5 Stars!

Emahlea Jackson Google Review

It was a pleasure to do business with Mike Fleury and staff. From the moment we walked in to discuss our wrecked Camry we had great customer care. Mike quickly established a parts and pricing list and gave us a reasonable timeframe for completion of project. Mike worked patiently with us during the process and answered all questions to satisfaction. Needless to say the finished project was flawless, as good as new, and pricing was more than fair! We will definitely return to Fleury's should the occasion arise!

Carol Frazee Google Review

Decent folks doing honest work. Got my car done under schedule.

Vikram Swamy Google Review

Best body shop experience I've ever had. Mike and his crew do the best work, on time and sincerely care about their customers. I highly reccommend this body shop. Skip the chain store shops and get it done right the first time! Thank you Mike

Doug Scott Google Review

Best body shop around, Mike does amazing work and is really easy to work with.

Andrew Frederick Google Review

Color matching on my "Le Mans Blue" BMW was perfect! Great service. Kept me in the loop while work was being done, and really knowledgeable staff. Would totally recomme

Clement Stiles Google Review

5 Stars!

Rosalyn Jonas Google Review

5 Stars!

Danika Kubota Google Review

The owner mike is one of the best body guys around! would recommend to anyone needing a repair!

Tyler Brady Google Review

Even though I didn't end up having the car repaired, Mike was super helpful in even getting it started.

CJ Ryholdt Google Review

5 Stars!

Trevor Dilley Google Review

Mike is a great guy, straight to the point, no BS, good quality work with amazing attention to detail. His team made my car look better than new. I referred my boyfriend to him too, same incredible experience there.!!!

Alexa Foley Google Review

I went to get a quote for a minor scratch and they were able to buff the paint off on the spot, they didn't even charge me. So impressed with their customer focused service!

Christie Butler Google Review

5 Stars!

Vicki Legarth Google Review

I had an amazing experience today-----I needed an estimate for my car's body work. Of course this may lead to a job for Fleurys and maybe not. Even though the owner was very busy with work he took the time to do an estimate for me and gave me good advice about how to proceed. Although he may have not earned an immediate customer I will take my future work there.

Jodine Hatfield Google Review

Had a trim panel come off, one of the guys there mike, took 15 min and fixed it right then and there. Super helpful and nice.

Kevin Porter Google Review

Some of the best in the city!

Ben Burke Google Review

Amazing service!

Mike did a FANTASTIC job at fixing my car! It looks better than new!

He even washed and vacuumed it as well. He was helpful, trustworthy, friendly, and he was really looking out for me throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend Fleury's Body Shop if you're looking for high quality work!

Kari Otte Google Review

5 Stars!

Chris Wahlen Google Review

I got work done on my car here in March 2015. These guys were amazing. I had my car towed in after an accident where I had no collision insurance. They did SO MUCH, to help me save on the cost to get my car back on the road for the lowest price possible. I would recommend them to anyone!!

Pam Richardson Google Review

such amazing service. these guys are great! i went in on numerous occasions to get things checked out . The shop down the street was going to charge me $80 just to look at it. At Fleury's he took a few minutes to evaluate it ,and fixed it right there on the spot , and did not even charge me. another time i went in to get my side mirror replaced , and while he was installing it he figured out why half my dash lights were not working and put in new fuses , which was a completely unrelated issue that i had not been able to figure out for months!!. so great to have people that you can trust, and when it is a quick fix, will not charge you top dollar, just because they can. they are very fair, honest, and efficient. If you want the job done right, this is the place to go! violet

Violet Collens Google Review

Had some relative minor body work done. Did an outstanding job at a very fair price and did it on time. My car was returned washed and the interior cleaned & vacuumed as well. Very unexpected and sincerely appreciated. Won't take my car anywhere else if it needs body work.

Douglas H. Yelp Review

I am a repeat customer of Mike's. Mike uses OEM body parts, which are the best product available to repair any body damage. Aftermarket may look good for the short term, but in the long run, and the way Mike operates his business, OEM is how he repairs a damaged vehicle.
Mike understands that he is responsible his work as long as you own your vehicle, so he will not compromise the quality of his work for a price.
I have a white GTI rear bumper with parking damage, thanks to a local business employee, and Mike decided that a new bumper was necessary, not sanding and repainting the existing. It meant that he had to submit a new claim to the insurance company, but he is the professional, and my 2012 white GTI has been repaired properly, and looks like it is new, again.
That is why I go back to FLEURYS when I need the help of a body shop.

ANDREW C. Yelp Review

Fleury's replaced the dented driver side fender on my Toyota Rav4. It looks great now, and they got the work done quickly. Thanks!

L G. Yelp Review

Never in my 68 years have I been charged 20% BELOW the estimate at an auto shop!! Mike gave me a cash option and fixed another scratch that wasn't even on the estimate. I was amazed!! What an honest man and pleasant experience. I definitely would go back.

Kristina V. Yelp Review

Just received my car back from Mike and his crew, very pleased with the quality of their work. I had two doors and the center pillar damaged/replaced on the passenger side. Mike was able to find color matching used doors, and the repair of the center pillar was flawless The passenger side looks amazing.... So glad I took it to Fleury's.

Thank you !

Ross M. Yelp Review

This place is great. I felt they were super trustworthy and hardworking. Feels like a really honest American business with good people. They did great work fixing my car after I was in an accident.

Kelley F. Yelp Review

Love these guys! Mike was super helpful, quick, and nice. Great repair--it was super quick, to the point that he could work me in the same day. He went above and beyond expectations.

Maureen O. Yelp Review

Top notch service. Wow! I brought my 2009 Cayenne S in for a little touch up that was needed. Mike, the owner, was able to accommodate my schedule and get me in and out so quickly in the morning, and I still ended up at work on time. Granted, it was a small touch up that was needed, but this review is more about the service, and how he treated me, and how he treats his other customers and employees. Just watching him work and interact with employeers and customers made me feel at ease in his shop!

Will 100% be coming here for any bodywork that I need in the future.

Matt L. Yelp Review

Mike and Jack did a great job on my 2011 Toyota Sienna. The self-inflicted wounds on the vehicle's body disappeared, and additional work was done on minor spots along the rocker panels and doors. Their office wall displays 5 years of outstanding rating awards, and for good reason. Mike loves his work, and it shows!

Dennis R. Yelp Review

I recently headed over to Fleury's for a bid. We purchased a pre-owned Land Rover with some deep scratches on the wheel flares (the plastic piece over the tires).
Mike was available and came out to look at the car. I also showed him some scratches that bothered me. He not only gave me an estimate on the spot but rubbed out a couple of scratches for me.
Not sure if we're going to get the wheel flares, but I highly recommend Fleury's. Mike is a cool guy and if he is representative of their service, I am a future customer.

Laura G. Yelp Review

Had work done to repair scrapes on the side of my 2015 Subaru Forester. Mike took a look at it and showed how some of the scraping just wiped off. What didn't, they repaired in perfect fashion. I couldn't be happier - as usual because my wife & I are return customers. Fleury's is a trustworthy shop with excellent service and results. Thanks Mike!

David S. Yelp Review

I recently drove my aging Toyota over a 6 inch concrete parking barrier, bringing the rear end down hard on the barrier. Ouch! It popped the plastic quarter panels off both sides in back, creating 1 inch gaps with the rest of the body. Not knowing if the car needed a surgeon or a chiropractor, I went to Fleury's for advice. Without saying a word, the guy looked underneath, then went inside for a socket wrench. Within 5 minutes, he'd chiropractored it back together. He declined my offer to pay and just shook my hand. That kind of old school, neighborly service is rare theses days, and I treasure it. Thank you Fleury's!

Leopold V. Yelp Review

Had some body work done on my brand new car after someone hit it while parked in Capitol Hill. Mike was so easy to work with- he went out of his way to help me deal with my insurance company (who kept dropping the ball), and completed the work in a timely manner. My car now looks good as new! I will definitely come back for any future body work. Thanks Mike!

Susie H. Yelp Review

I really appreciate these guys. I'd gotten a $900 estimate for a loose bumper elsewhere. Fleury's looked at it, $30 part, total less than $100. Honest and clear. My time listening to them on the phone while waiting on site, showed real honest no nonsense professionalism. That's what I like!

Roger C. Yelp Review

My mechanic suggested Fleury's after I dented my fender and needed a repair shop. Mike was great to communicate with and they did an excellent job replacing my fender and matching the color. They even touched up a couple other things. I'm so glad I went here!

smilla s. Yelp Review

Great price and great customer service. Mike treated me really well and I'll be back, for sure.

Josh M. Yelp Review

I have only been in for an estimate but I already know that Mike will be conducting the repairs when the insurance check lands. My vehicle was broken into leaving broken windows and body damage. Mike performed the estimate quickly as well as cleaned out my entire car of broken glass and covered the windows with plastic so I can park and keep it dry.

Fred R. Yelp Review

Fleurys painted and installed a new rear bumper cover on my 2015 Subaru Forester after an embarrassing scrape with me at the wheel. Mike Peters, the owner, is down-to-earth easy to deal with. The job only took one day. Superb painting, very reasonable price. They have the latest equipment, materials. Newer cars in the shop.

Shane R. Yelp Review

Our car got side swiped while parked outside our building- back panel and drivers door dented! The first place I took it to for an estimate gave me serious sticker shock. Fleury's not only did it for less than half that price, but in less time and on top of all that treated us like real people, not just "another job." So grateful to have found a body shop I can trust and recommend.

Rebecca B. Yelp Review

I couldn't believe the paint job that followed the body work done by the Fleury team. It was flawless. Great job guys.

Andrew S. Yelp Review

When you have the misfortune of being backed up on, all you want is your whip to be fixed like yesterday. Fleury's did this and more!

Mike P had excellent customer service, which was definitely needed while dealing with a difficult insurance company. When I explained to him how I had received an estimate from another shop that had negotiated with the claims adjuster to fix my car with non-factory standard parts, he ensured that he would get my ride back to tip top shape with factory pieces. He took on the insurance company, and got my dime looking top of the line in just a few days!

Working with Fleury's was the least painful part of the entire process. I will definitely be referring my friends & family here if they ever have the unfortunate need to talk car bodies with an expert!

Hannah J. Yelp Review

Excellent work, reasonable price, considerate customer service, clear explanation of options and price.

Norm S. Yelp Review

So I came back to this shop again (unfortunately someone hit me while parked). They did an excellent job and matched everything like new. One of the painters explained to me why the previous mismatch -see other review- (insurance not willing to pay for blending + various factors).

They handled everything really well! Let's hope I don't have to comeback. Ha!

Victor E. Yelp Review

I took in our 2013 SUV that had to have repairs to the rear bumper and side of the car. The car is an Ivory Pearl paint with metallic spec making it very hard to paint match.

My experience with the shop was phenomenal. The main guy, Mike, is a straight shooter and knows what he's doing. I've had to have a lot of repair work done on various cars I've owned and he was happy to contend with my nit-picky questions.

The car came out great - not 100% perfect color match but as close as I can expect given the color of the car. You have to be really Type A about color to notice a subtle difference. The shop went above and beyond and did minor touchups all over the car to bring it back to new condition.

I'll definitely bring our cars back here for any future repairs.

Giri S. Yelp Review

Great place to take your vehicle for body repair! Mike is an awesome guy to deal with,

Matthew G. Yelp Review

I would highly recommend this joint to anyone I know - I had an elusive issue where water was getting trapped in my rocker panel. I had 4 different shops check it out and no one could seem to help or provide possible solutions. Mike immediately diagnosed the issue within minutes. Not to mention the repair itself was reasonably priced and I didn't have to wait ages to schedule an appointment. I couldn't believe the level of service and knowledge. Should I ever have any other auto-body issues, I will definitely return. Take your car here, you won't regret it.

Diana N. Yelp Review

Took my car in to get the bumper and trunk door replaced. Estimate was given and parts ordered in no time. They do great work and I am very please with the result. Thanks Mike and team!

Alex D. Yelp Review

Great service as always. Great customer service, quick turn around time, and $100 less than the safelight quote. Can't go wrong here. I have brought my work car here twice and always need two quotes for my work and they've come out on top 2 for 2.

Rose L. Yelp Review

Created a yelp account for the sole purpose of writing a five-star review for Fleury's, I am that thankful for their service. I had a minor collision one afternoon which left one of my front lights pretty loose on my car. I called Fleury's for a future-reference estimate, to which they told me to just bring the car by so they could fix it for free. Within five minutes of driving up to the body shop I was back out on the road with a good as new light. The staff was incredibly helpful, professional, and affable. I'd recommend Fleury's to anyone

R R. Yelp Review

Brought my 63 chevy nova convertible here to do some rust repair on a quarter panel - which ended up having spread into the door jamb upon Mike's closer inspection. It's so hard to find an honest, quality shop that is reasonably priced and won't keep your car for a month while you wait in line. My Nova is a daily driver, so I wasn't looking for concourse quality restoration, but I gotta say the job they did repairing my quarter panel was really solid. I can't tell where the new paint starts and the old paint ends. No overspray that I could see either, though the interior was a little dusty - nothing some detailing spray and a towel can't solve pretty quickly. All in all - if these guys can do this good of a job with an almost 50 year old classic car, I would bring any other car that I own or recommend this place to others in a sec. Mike will take care of you.

Sung P. Yelp Review

Mike provides some of the best customer service I've received for some time now. Needed a small repair taken care of, everything came out better than I was expecting. I've had some other concerns with the car that Mike went way out of his way to give me some excellent advice ; over the top. I even asked if he had some paint left over for chip repairs, he came back with a little container full, I really couldn't have asked for more.

Mike S. Yelp Review

My mother took her car here after my sister ran into a pole. The insurance company did a quick estimate and cut a check for the quoted damage. We took the car to Fleury's and Mike gave us a rundown on the damage and what he can do. He was very polite, professional, and honest. As I suspected when I took a look at the car, there was additional damage missed by the insurance company, Mike was able to take care of talking to our insurance company for us and made this whole experience hassle free. He even repaired some scratches and dings that were in the hood making the whole front end look like new. The car was so clean when it was returned to us you couldn't even tell that it had been in an accident. Thanks again Mike!

Andrew F. Yelp Review

Would not take my car anywhere else. The owner takes great care of every customer, and my car always gets back to me quickly. They obviously take great pride in their work.

Lisa S. Yelp Review

I have been searching for a place to fix my fender for months, but all the places I talked to in Bellevue wanted to do an "assessment" before they could tell me how much it would cost. I had hoped that the Toyota Kirkland dealership or Affordable Tire and Brake could help, but no avail. I was told they didn't do Body Shop work.

I got the part online, just needed the labor aspect handled, as I live a tools-free lifestyle.

I called Fleurys, because I drive past it on the way home everyday. The guy said, "Bring it by," and within three minutes he had taken the old crummy plastic part out and re-attached the bumper of my 2004 Prius. It took less time than finding the $6 part online. I asked him how much I owed him, and he told me, "Don't worry about it, come and see me when you need me!"

SO COOL. I have never NOT been ripped off at a automotive repair place, so this was completely foreign to me. This was excellent service and my mind is blown. Thanks, Yelp, for not coming up short on the recommendation!

Heather B. Yelp Review

I would definitely recommend Fleury's to anyone!

I came out to find my headlight knocked out one day, so after searching around Yelp, I settled on Fleury's, and I was not disappointed! I really liked their flexibility as I was able to come in for the estimate and the appointment before work.

It was very easy to get my appointment scheduled and he charged me exactly what the estimate said. I didn't end up shopping around for other estimates just because I trusted the Yelp reviews enough.

Of course, he did a great job reshaping the body and putting in the new headlight.

I had also asked if he could clean the other headlight since it was pretty cloudy and I was getting a brand new one on the left side. When I came back to pick my car up, he said he hadn't done it because he was out of the product he needed, but offered to do it for free if I called back later to check if he got the product in!

Emily D. Yelp Review

I don't write reviews on Yelp very ofter but after dealing with Fleury's Body Shop last week, I felt I HAD TO tell the world how amazing this place is. The owner Mike was a straight talker, gave us a really great deal, got the job done extremely fast (3 days, right on schedule, just as he promised) and at the end, did more than we expected (included a bit more work than originally stated in the bid and didn't charge us for it). They also cleaned our car inside and outside, definitely unexpected perk. Great place, go see Mike, you WILL BE delighted with their service.

Aleksandra R. Yelp Review

Great service and wonderful outcome. Garage door arm scraped new car's tailgate and Fleury's fixed it in 1 day so I could have it back for the Thanksgiving holiday week. Would totally use them again!

Lisa J. Yelp Review

such amazing service. these guys are great! i went in on numerous occasions to get things checked out . The shop down the street was going to charge me $80 just to look at it. At Fleury's he took a few minutes to evaluate it ,and fixed it right there on the spot , and did not even charge me. another time i went in to get my side mirror replaced , and while he was installing it he figured out why half my dash lights were not working and put in new fuses , which was a completely unrelated issue that i had not been able to figure out for months!!. so great to have people that you can trust, and when it is a quick fix, will not charge you top dollar, just because they can. they are very fair, honest, and efficient. If you want the job done right, this is the place to go! violet

violet c. Yelp Review

Yelp led me to Mike and i couldn't be happier. he has been so helpful, flexible, affordable, and friendly working on our el camino. he also gave us excellent referrals for everything we needed done mechanically. wouldn't go anywhere else!

miette m. Yelp Review

This body shop is beyond amazing! They do complete work in and not taking any shortcuts! They are fast, fair and friendly! I would recommend this shop to everybody!

Denise M. Yelp Review

I brought my Subaru into Fleury's after getting rear-ended on 520. The car ended up having nearly 10K worth of damage. The car came back exactly when promised, and looks good as new.

The only tiny oddity is that it smells a bit more of paint inside the car than I'm used to smelling after body work.

Mike, the owner, seems like a great dude.

I'll update this review after I drive a few hundred miles on the repair.

V G. Yelp Review

If you are looking for someone who talks straight, does what he says he will do, will go to bat for you when insurance companies are giving you the run around, and does quality work, Mike is your guy.

I was referred to Fluery's by another Seattle native who knows what is going on around Ballard and Crown Hill. Having taken my car there twice, I have not been disappointed in any way.

An example of the service you will receive is...the last time I went to pick up my car, I noticed there was an extra check for a couple hundred dollars in the file. I asked "Why the extra check?" Mike said, "Your insurance guy wanted to have me use a cheap rebuilt bumper from Taiwan. I told him if you had wanted a bumper from Taiwan, you would have bought a car from Taiwan." He smiled.

Cool! No corners are cut at Fleury's!!! I was extremely pleased.
Mike is strong, and fair!

As I read the reviews, I wasn't surprised that all of them are FIVE STARS. There's a good reason for that rating. Fleury's is a great place to do business.

Holly G. Yelp Review

I can't recommend Fleury's enough. Mike is very dedicated and always delivers superior customer service. I brought in my car after an accident, and he did an amazing job. A couple months later my battery died, and Mike personally drove down to give me a jump, climbing over the back seats to get at the battery in the trunk of my Prius. If you're looking for a great body shop, look no further!

Aubrey P. Yelp Review

Great guys and fair shop rates. I have had to bring in two cars to them and they have been fast and honest, and always the best quote. Hopefully I'll never have to use them again, but if I do I'll be back to Fleury's.

John S. Yelp Review

Mike is super cool! He's the owner, but he also believes in great customer service. He answers the phones and greets people in the lobby space personally. I came to ask him about replacing the side mirror of my car, and within 15 minutes he had ordered the part to arrive a few days later. And! He replaced my headlamp in like 2 seconds one-handed. It was very impressive. He didn't even charge me labor. When I came in to have my mirror replaced that was also very speedy and painless. Definitely would recommend Fleury's!

Erin W. Yelp Review

I managed to rip off the inner wheel fender on my 2011 Nissan. My temporary solution was a successful application of a large amount of duct tape. Realizing this wasn't permanent with the rains of Seattle I went online and found an aftermarket (not OEM) part for only $10.

My next quest was to find a body shop for the installation. Before going to a random body shop I consulted the oracle called Yelp.

Fleury's is less than a mile from my house and a solid 5 stars. I dropped in for an estimate and received a quote of 1 hour labor.

I was expecting 2 hours and an up charge for using a part purchased on my own. No such shenanigans at Fleury's. I dropped the car off a couple of days later and it was done by the end of the day. I was informed the aftermarket part didn't fit quite right, but they still made it work. All done for less than $100. I don't want to go back to Fleury's because that means I got in another wreck, but if I do I will be back with zero hesitation. They are EASY to do business with and pricing was beyond fair. Thanks for putting my 2011 car back into showroom shape!

Dennis M. Yelp Review

My girlfriend took her Pathfinder to Mike after someone smashed her rear bumper when parked on the street outside our house one night. We found Fleury's by asking our mechanic - My Mechanic on Aurora, who we also love - to suggest a good place, and he did a fantastic job replacing the damaged bumper. Not two weeks later I was rear-ended, and my Mazda Protege5 was severely damaged - hatch, rear bumper, taillights, exhaust, you name it, all smashed. I called Mike the next day and demanded the other driver's insurance company take my wrecked car to his shop. Mike battled the insurance company on my behalf for every penny - more than $6,500 - and returned my car to me good as new. I was amazed. I went back a few days later to have a minor cosmetic issue addressed - Mike guarantees all his work 100% - and while I was at the shop, I noticed one of my headlights was out. Mike plugged in a new bulb on the spot. For free! I'll be a loyal customer of Fleury's from now on. And guessing my car will be dinged, scratched and dented on the streets of Seattle, I'll likely be giving Mike a lot of business!

I wanted to mention, Mike's 100% guarantee kicked in this weekend when I took my Mazda back to him when the rear wiper stopped working. I showed up at 8am, and Mike dropped everything to suss it out. He found the problem within minutes, and then he fixed it. FOR FREE! I cannot recommend this place heartily enough. If your car needs work, visit Fleury's!

Sean L. Yelp Review

Our little Scion Xa, a 2005 but new to us--was backed into by our neighbor. Minor damage but we wanted it fixed. Went ahead and got 3 estimates. Mike's was among the lowest... but it really didn't matter. It was his attitude: straight forward, enthusiastic and honest. This guy is a autobody repair nerd/geek-- and I mean that in the best possible way. he loves what he does a quality that--as a craftsman myself-- I value. When he gave the estimate I asked how much higher he thought that it might go. He said that the estimate was the price. Awesome.

We got a great repair and our neighbor got a really fair deal. Even the Enterprise office down the street loves this guy.

andrew c. Yelp Review

Mike did a wonderful job of replacing the lid of my '99 Maxima which had been rusted out due to Chicago salt. The paint was a great match, the service was excellent and the price was very fair. I called a couple of other places in Ballard and they quoted me almost $400 more to do the same exact job.

Almaz T. Yelp Review

I took my 1969 Firebird to 8 different shops before I found Fleury's Body Shop. Not one place would touch a hotrod. But I knew from the second I walked in to Fleury's this would be the one. I saw the Hotrod mags on the table and a guy named Mike came out. I really got lucky. Mike give me an estimate in about 7 mins. He was very honest and fixed the front end of my car. They did a perfect job. I had custom paint, car parts broken that many other shops told me they would have a hard time finding. It wasnt even an issue for them. They even gave me little bit of paint so if I had a small chip I can cover it. I would alway go to Fleury's now. It's so hard to find honest people in this business.

Suzanne S. Yelp Review

This place fixed my 1998 Infiniti's trunk and THANK GOD! I had a deck lid bouncing up and down that I had to fasten with a bungie chord.....Luckily Mike saw it and had it done in a hurry to accomodate my schedule.

Stop in to this place, get an estimate, and see why Ray at Crown Hill Auto refers this guy and place everytime!

Chris Y. Yelp Review

My 2005 Mini Cooper S looks like new! After being backed into, the rear driver's side wheel well was fairly banged up, but Mike has my Mini looking like nothing ever happened. The body work is flawless and the paint is a perfect match. I dropped my car off at the shop and when the rental car company picked me up, even the rental car rep let me know how great Mike's work is. Now I'm singing Mike's praises too. He was great to work with and I would recommend Fleury's to anyone in a heartbeat!

Jennifer L. Yelp Review

Mike put our 99 Jeep back together after we rear-ended someone (hanging head in shame). It looks great and he was a pleasure to work with!

Shannon M. Yelp Review

Mike is incredible! I give him my highest recommendation. I received two quotes from other Seattle body shops for repairs to my back bumper that were all over place. One was $1,000 and one was $1700. I went to Mike for a third quote and was completely impressed by the thorough estimate he provided and the fair quote he gave. I called him the next day to tell him to order the parts needed and they showed up one day later. I brought my car in on a Thursday for repairs and he called me bright and early on Friday morning to tell me that I could come pick it up. Hopefully, I will not need to bring my car in for any more body damage repairs but if I do, he'll be the first guy I call!!

Karaka J. Yelp Review

My Volvo has taken a lovah...she is in love with Mike at Fleury's!

My poor little car got nailed along the right side in a parking lot and the damage covered both doors and some of the right rear as well (think of a keying using an ice pick, something like that). After many, many phone calls to body shops in the greater Seattle area (and some estimates exceeding $3K) we settled on Fleury. The hubs spoke with Mike over the phone and after bringing my poor little car in, Mike said he could put her back like new.

Two days later, we return to pick up my Volvo and she is just gorgeous! You cannot tell that any work was done and the car looks perfect again (did I mention that I'm a bit OCD with my anal-retentive tendencies?). Mike's work was above and beyond our expectations and the price was lower than reasonable. Can't beat that combination! We have recommended Fleury's to friends in need of body work and will continue to sing Mike's praises...he rocks!

Trip C. Yelp Review

Fleury's was recommended to me by my mechanic, Don, at Service First. I had just bought a car and 3 days later it was hit by a girl who had a couple of drinks too many in a parking lot. Fortunately for me she found me and gave me her insurance information!

Since I never had the need for a body shop I didn't know who to trust...especially when all I had to go on were those supported by the drunk's insurance company. I called Don and without hesitation he mentioned Mike at Fleury's.

I just can't say enough about how wonderful my experience was. My car had been hit so hard the insurance adjuster thought at first they would have to total it. But...Mike assured me he would do his best to make it look brand new. And he exceeded my expectations!!!!!

He did just an amazing job and even touched up a couple of other things that I never even mentioned. He was kind, courteous and worked around my schedule. I never had to wonder what the status of the job was because he gave me updates all the time. I highly recommend Fleury's and Mike to anyone!

Thanks, Mike for everything!!!!!!!

Katherine S. Yelp Review

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